Eskrima Combatives FMA San Diego CA Chapter

Magtutudlo Ramon Rubia


Founder of Eskrima Combatives FMA

Ramil Agustin


Instructor, Eskrima Combatives FMA

Allan Tojino


Exclusive Member, Eskrima Combatives FMA


Methods and Procedures

 Eskrima Combatives FMA training, consists of some of the following methods and procedures as taught by Magtutudlo Ramon Rubia: Antaw, Eskuwadra, Bunal/Tiradas/Terios, Larga Mano, Dipaleta, Pani-il, Depensa Seguidas/San Miguel, Dayon-Dayon, Bala Bala Redondo/Tuyok, Punta y Daga, Balitok, Estokada, Corto Orihinal, Corto Linyar, Corto Kurbada, Bad-ay, Ipit, Sipit, Kaw-it, Palakaw, Palusot, Trangkada, Sera Todo, Doce Mano-Mano 

Training Curriculum

 Understanding this training curriculum is vital in completely understanding the combative aspect of Eskrima. When you understand this you will know there is no limit to range in fighting, with or without weapons, only more ways to find and create openings while moving and avoiding an attack. Our training consists of the complete understanding and application of the modules listed in the diagram above. 

Authorized by Magtutudlo Ramon Rubia

The Eskrima Combatives FMA, San Diego Chapter is the ONLY one authorized in San Diego to propagate his system by Magtutudlo Ramon Rubia himself. Under his watchful eyes, we consistently train in true essence of his methodology. Learning to express oneself, while keeping the understanding of scientific principles and mechanics, to create one's own fighting spirit. 

Eskrima Combatives FMA San Diego Member List (Updating)

Disclaimer: Anyone not on Magtutudlo Ramon Rubia's recognized member's list displayed here (San Diego Members), and who are using/claiming Eskrima Combatives FMA, is doing so under false pretenses... *